Four symposia on specific, attractive topics will take place during ICM 2003.
In each of them, a team of distinguished scientists co-ordinated by a chairperson (a prominent scientist who will introduce and conclude the symposium) will discuss in detail the most recent achievements on particularly significant fields of pure and applied magnetism.

Titles and invited speakers of symposia lectures are:

Biomagnetic / Medical Applications
Chairman: Shoogo UENO - University of Tokyo - Japan
Speakers Title
T. Matsunaga - Japan Biomagnetic mineralization: from gene structures to medical applications.
E. Mayes - UK Biologically derived nanomagnets.
Roel Wirix-Speetjens - USA On-Chip magnetic particle manipulating and detection for biochip applications

Fast Dynamics
Chairman: Burkard HILLEBRANDS - University of Kaiserslautern - Germany
Speakers Title
B. Koopmans - NL The secrets of femtosecond magnetization dynamics.
J. Miltat - France A Micromagnetic Picture of Spin Transfer.
P. A. Crowell - USA Imaging Spin Dynamics in Closure Domain and Vortex Structures.

Spin manipulation in Semiconductors
Chairman: David D. AWSCHALOM - University of California - Santa Barbara - USA
Speakers Title
H. Ohno - Japan Properties and manipulation of ferromagnetism in III-V semiconductors
D. Loss - Switzerland Spin-based Quantum Computing in Nanostructures.
L. Sham - USA

Theory of control of electron spin dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures

Non-Fermi-Liquid Phenomena
Chairman: Alexei TSVELIK - Brookhaven - USA
Speakers Title
J. Flouquet - France - Pressure and magnetic field scans through heavy fermion quantum critical points
G.G. Lonzarich - UK NFL effects in d- and f-electron metals
F. S. Paschen - Germany Break-up of the heavy electron at an AF-QCP: YbRh2Si2

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