International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)

European Physical Society (EPS)

National Research Council (CNR)

Under the Patronage of the President of Italy

Council of Ministers

Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
Ministry of Foreign Offices
Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Ministry of Health

The Region of Lazio
The Province of Rome
The Municipality of Rome

National Institute for Physics of Matter (INFM)
Italian Physical Society (SIF)
National University Consortium for Materials Science and Technology (INSTM)
Lincei Academy
National Electrotechnical Institute "Galileo Ferraris" (IEN)
National Project on Materials and Devices for Solid State Electronics (MADESS)- CNR
National Project on Special Materials for Advanced Technologies - CNR
National Group for Matter's Structure (GNSM)- CNR
Institute of Matter's Structure (ISM) - CNR
Polytechnic of Torino - INFM
University of Ferrara - INFM
University of Parma - INFM
University of Aquila - INFM
Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (IMEM) - CNR
University of Rome " LA SAPIENZA "
Office of Naval Research International Field Office (ONRIFO)

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