RHMF 2003

7th International Symposium on Research in High Magnetic Fields

Toulouse - France, July 20 - 22, 2003.

Chairmen :
G. Rikken rikken@cict.fr
O. Portugall portugall@insa-tlse.fr

The 7th International Symposium on Research in High Magnetic Fields , will be organised by the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnetiques Pulses. It follows symposia organised in Porto (2000), Sydney (1997), Nijmegen (1994), Amsterdam (1991), Leuven (1988) and Osaka (1982). The Symposium aims to cover recent highlights in research in high magnetic fields, in areas like magnetism, magneto-transport and magneto-optics of condensed and dilute matter, developments in high magnetic field generation and new high magnetic field measurement techniques.


XVIII International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces

Madrid - Spain July 22 - 25, 2003.

A.Hernando ahernando@renfe.es,
F. Briones briones@imm.cnm.csic.es,
R. Miranda rodolfo.miranda@uam.es,
J. M. Rojo jmrojo@eucmax.sim.ucm.es

The colloquium aims at highlighting the last developments in the following topics:
- Nanogranular, nanostructured and nanopatterned thin films
- Exchange coupled multilayers
- Surface/Interface magnetism, Anisotropy and Magnetostriction
- Tunneling phenomena
- Epitaxial magnetic nanostructures
- Industrial applications. Thin film media for magnetic recording, GMR,
  MO recording.
- Magnetization reversal
- Specific characterization techniques for thin films and surfaces. MOKE,
  XMCD, ARPE, Mossbauer, FMR, Transport and Magnetoresistance,
  strain measurements, micromechanical devices.
The colloquium will be jointly hosted by the CSIC and the UAM and UCM Universities with most sessions taking place at the Conference Hall of the CSIC, Serrano,117. Accomodation will be provided partially at the nearby situated CSIC Residence and at specially rated high class Hotels at reasonable distance.

EPR and NMR at high field

EPR and NMR at high field: applications to magnetic systems and superconductors

Pisa - Italy July 23 - 25, 2003.

M. Martinelli massimo@ifam.pi.cnr.it
A. Rigamonti attilio.rigamonti@pv.infn.it

The meeting will provide a venue for presentations on the latest advances in the application in the realm of solid state of EPR and NMR spectroscopy at high field.
- nanomagnets and molecular magnets
- quantum magnetism and field induced phase transitions
- magnetic resonances in thin films, multilayers and superlattices
- vortex and vortex dynamics in high Tc superconductors
- superconductors fluctuations and field effects
- low dimensional magnetic systems
- topologically frustrated magnetic systems
- relaxation processes in high field
- new techniques


International Conference on Theoretical Trends In Low-Dimensional Magnetism

Firenze - Italy, July 23 - 25, 2003.

R. Vaia vaia@fi.cnr.it
A.Cuccoli cuccoli@fi.infn.it

The conference purpose is to favour the scientific interchange among researchers in low-dimensional magnetism, focusing upon a choice of the main theoretical aspects of magnetism in less-than-three dimensions, with topics running from rigorous results in statistical models to the current studies of magnetic nanostructures. The scientific program will consist of invited lectures, contributed talks and one or two sessions for poster presentations. Sufficient time for discussion will be allotted. Invited lectures are meant to provide an up-to-date overview of the main topics, while the presentation of new results will be left to contributed talks and posters. The active participation of young scientists (Ph.D. students and post-docs) will be encouraged. The tentative scientific topics are:
- Numerical simulations and exact results
- Cooperative phenomena and phase transitions
- Quantum phase transitions
- Critical dynamics
- Dynamics and transport properties
- Molecular magnets and quantum tunneling
- Magnetic films and nanostructures

Spintech II

Symposium on Spintronics

Bruges - Belgium, August 4 - 6, 2003.

J. de Boeck deboeck@imec.be
B. Jonker jonker@anvil.nrl.navy.mil

The symposium aims at highlighting the last developments in using spin-dependent phenomena in nano-electronics. Further, it intends to provide a good overview of the current understanding of the physics of spin transport in metallic, (magnetic) semiconductor and hybrid structures and to continue the assessment of exploitation of these phenomena in future nano-(opto-)electronic and computing applications. We aim at bringing the leading experts to Bruges and strongly encourage student participation.


Polarized Neutrons and Synchrotron X-Rays for Magnetism

Venezia - Italy August 4 - 6, 2003.

R. Caciuffo rgc@popcsi.unian.it
M. Altarelli massimo.altarelli@elettra.trieste

The conference will be based on the Venice International University campus (http://www.viu.unive.it/), situated on the island of San Servolo, in the Venetian lagoon. Once the seat of a Benedictine Monastery, the buildings of the island are now a comfortable Conference Centre, at ten minutes by boat from the heart of Venice. The satellite will be held the week after ICM 2003, from Monday 04.08.2003 to Wednesday 06.08.2003. Registration of participants will take place on the evening of Sunday, August 3. The conference will close on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 6, 2003. The meeting will provide a venue for presentations on the latest advances in the application to selected topics of the many and complementary techniques based on polarised neutron and X-ray scattering. The program will include plenary lectures as well as oral and poster presentations. The range of topics will include:
- orbital and spin magnetisation densities in itinerant systems
- orbital order in perovskites and transition metal oxides
- magnetic order in thin films, multilayers and superlattices
- electron correlation effects in f-d intermetallic systems
- inter-atomic coupling and superexchange in rare-earth insulators
- molecular magnetism
- magnetic fluctuations and excitations in highly correlated
  electron systems
- non collinear magnetic structures

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