Plenary Lectures

Plenary lectures are planned during ICM 2003. Plenary lectures are intended to provide the audience with novel, updated information on some of the most exciting topics and of the rapidly developing areas of pure and applied magnetism. The very broad audience of ICM 2003 will be given the opportunity of getting valuable information, in concise form, about some of the most significant trends in modern magnetism.

Six plenary lectures will be given by outstanding scientist. Three of them are the IUPAP Magnetism Prize winners and three have been selected by the program Commitee.

Dante GATTESCHI University of Florence - Italy
Molecular magnets, new opportunities in magnetism
Mark H. KRYDER Seagate Research, Pittsburgh - USA
Physics, Materials and Prospects for Future Magnetic Storage Technologies
Sadamichi MAEKAWA Tohoku University, Sendai - Japan
Spin Dependent Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures

IUPAP Prize Winners

Gabriel AEPPLI University College of London, UK The ubiquity of antiferromagnetism in strange solids
David AWSCHALOM  UC Santa Barbara, USA Manipulating Quantum Information with Semiconductor Spintronics
Hideo OHNO

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Heterostructures


Invited Talks in parallel session

Name Country
K. BABERSCHKE Germany The magnetism of ultrathin trilayers: A playground to study fundamentals
B. BARBARA France Quantum dynamics of an ensemble of weakly interacting rare-earth ions: tunneling, co-tunneling and electro-nuclear entanglement
P. BRUNO Germany The Magnetic Casimir effect: a new challenge in nanomagnetism.
R. CACIUFFO Italy Resonant X-ray Scattering Studies of Multipolar Order in actinide dioxides
C. CARBONE Italy Investigation of magnetic nanostructures by X-ray circular dichroism
J.N. CHAPMAN UK Switching of small magnetic elements and element arrays
E.M. CHUDNOVSKY USA Generic mechanisms of decoherence of quantum oscillations in magnetic double-well systems
R. COWBURN UK Magnetic nanostructures for digital logic
T. DIETL Poland Spin order manipulations in nanostructures of ferromagnetic semiconductors
A. FERT France Magnetization reversal by spin transfer: experiments and theory
J. FIDLER Austria Micromagnetic modeling and magnetization processes
M. FIEBIG Germany Nonlinear optics - a powerful tool for the investigation of magnetic structures
A.FREEMAN USA Noncollinear magnetism phenomena induced at surfaces, interefaces, domain walls and in vortex cores of magnetic quantum dots
P. FREITAS Portugal MR Biochips
N. GARCIA Spain Ballistic Magnetoresistance in Electrodeposited Nanocontacts on Thin Wires and Thin Films
A. GRANOVSKY Russia Spin-dependent tunneling at infrared frequencies: magnetorefractive effect in magnetic nanocomposites
A. HERNANDO Spain Thermal induced wall motion due to magnetization fluctuations in random anistropy systems
Y.H. JEONG Korea Room temperature ferromagnetism in transition metal doped oxide semiconductors: a critical review
B. JOHANSSON Sweden Magnetism in 3d system. Elements, doped semiconductor and iron-nickel
M. KLÄUI UK Magnetic properties of sub-100nm ring magnets
S. KRAVCHENKO USA Metal-insulator transition and possible ferromagnetic instability in 2D
L. KRUSIN-ELBAUM USA Deroughening of a 1D Domain Wall in Ultrathin Magnetic Films by a Correlated Defect
B. LAKE UK Field induced antiferromagnetism in the cuprate high Tc superconductor La 2-x Srx CuO4
A. LASCIALFARI Italy Spin dynamics at level crossings in molecular AF rings probed by NMR
C. LODDER Netherlands Patterned media for high density recording
M. LUBAN USA New issues in zero dimensions: Magnetic molecules
T. MAKAROVA Russia Magnetism in polymerized fullerenes
Y. MURAKAMI Japan Resonant elastic and inelastic X-ray scattering from orbitally ordered systems
N. MUSHNIKOV Russia Physics of anisotropic itinerant 5f-electron metamagnets UCo1-xTxAl (T = Fe, Ni)
J. NOGUES Spain Coercivity and squareness enhancement by ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic exchange coupling
M.A. NOVAK Brazil Magnetic relaxation in molecular nanostructures
L. PANINA UK Magnetoimpedance in amorphous microwires and multifunctional applications: from sensors tunable artificial microwave materials
T.V. RAMAKRISHNAN India Theory of Manganites Exhibiting Colossal Magnetoresistance
I.K. SCHULLER USA Reversal in exchange biased systems
Z.X. SHEN USA ARPES Study of Cuprate Superconductors
R. SKOMSKI USA Nanomagnetic Scaling
H. TAKAYAMA Japan Aging phenomena in spin glasses: theory experiment and simulation
J. TEJADA Spain Resonant experiments in magnetism: superradiance and magnetic spectroscopy
S. UCHIDA Japan Inhomogeneity and pair breaking in high Tc cuprates seen by c-axis optical spectrum
C. VITTORIA Usa Calculational study on exchange constants and electronic structure of manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4)
R. VOLLMER Germany Spin-polarized electron energy loss spectroscopy: a method to measure magnon energies
W. WERNSDORFER France Quantum dynamics of exchange coupled Single Molecule Magnets
R. WIESENDANGER Germany Fundamental studies of magnetism down to the atomic scale: present status and future perspectives of spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy

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