Reservations in several hotels in Rome can be made through Triumph P.R., the official Conference travel agency.
Send the Hotel/Tour Reservation form by FAX or mail to Triumph P.R. Hotel Secretariat,
Via Lucilio, 60 - 00136 Rome, Italy Tel. +39/06/355301, FAX +39/06/35530231
The form can be downloaded from the ICM 2003 web page.
If you have difficulty in obtaining it from the web page, send your FAX number or mail address to the Secretariat.

The table below shows the promotional rates for ICM 2003. Prices are expressed in EURO per room, per night, breakfast, services, 10% VAT included and refer to the highest price for each category. Please, choose the Hotel category you prefer and indicate it in the table reported in the Hotel Reservation Form.

A 4* - Centre located
135.00 170.00 210.00 --
B 4* - Not in the centre
105.00 105.00 130.00 --
C 3* - Congress Venue area
-- 95.00 110.00 --
D 3* - Centre located
65.00 - 100.00 75.00 - 118.00 85.00 - 132.00 --
E 3* Superior - Centre located
109.00 144.00 163.00 --
F 3* - Congress Venue area (walking distance) -- 150.00 185.00 --
G 2* Superior - Centre located 60.00 - 67.00 -- 95.00 - 110.00 116.00
H 2* - Centre located 50.00 - 67.00 80.00 - 90.00 85.00 - 100.00 100.00 - 150.00
I Religious accommodation: on request
(*) - All the Hotels are located close to a Metro Station or near the Conference Building.

Hotel room reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis only until May 15, 2003.
After this date Triumph P.R. will process your reservation but does not guarantee the room and the special Conference rates.
As you know, in July Rome is visited by a lot of tourists, so, if you want to be sure to find the room and to take advantage of the special rates, please, register as soon as possible.



The Booking fee to make the Hotel reservation through Triumph P.R. is 16,00 EURO per room.
The payment can be made by Cheque or by Credit card.

Euro cheque or Foreign Cheque: all payments must be done in EURO and made out to Triumph P.R. S.r.l.
Please send the cheque to the following address: Triumph P.R. Via Lucilio, 60 - 00136 Rome, Italy.
The hotel reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of payment by Triumph P.R.
A deposit for one-night stay plus the booking fee of 16,00 EURO, are required to confirm the hotel reservation.
The final settlement of the hotel has to be paid directly to the hotel upon checking out.

Credit card: to confirm hotel reservation only the Booking fee of 16,00 EURO is required. The full stay has to be paid directly to the hotel upon checking out.


a) Your personal data written in this form together with spoken data given later during the congresses organized or promoted by us will be employed by Triumph P.R. S.r.l. for managing, accounting, statistical, commercial, marketing and/or promoting purposes and this by processing, comparing, divulging or employing these very data.

b) To be registered in the congresses we organize, you are obliged to give your data;

c) Your data can be given to: the organizers of the congress, the companies sponsoring the event as well as to other companies, authorities, consortia or associations that could divulge these data to their members, users and other related people within the limits of their institutional purposes. The only objective is to inform the person concerned about the existence of similar initiatives or to supply him with other information that could be deemed interesting;

d) Furthermore, the above mentioned data can be given/divulged to companies, authorities, consortia and associations working in Italy or in the EC countries having the same objective as stated in the previous paragraph;

e) Data will be processed by appropriate devices ensuring their security and confidentiality. Data could be also processed by automatic machines employed to process, store and transmit the very data.

As to the above mentioned data processing, TRIUMPH P.R. S.r.l. must without delay:

a) confirm to the person concerned the existence of his personal data, even if they have not been stored yet, purvey these data and their origin in a form which is readily comprehensible, specify the logic the data processing is based on. Unless for justified reasons, this request can be submitted against least 90 days after the first submission;

b) delete, render anonymous or stop the flowing of those data - all data related to the person concerned - processed in violation of the law ;

c) update, rectify or, upon request of the person concerned, complete the integration of his data;

d) certify that all companies, associations etc. provided with these data have been informed of what is specified in the paragraphs b) and c) - unless the means employed to inform them are disproportionate.

The person concerned has the right to know - consulting the register specified in the art. 31, sub-section 1°, letter a) of the Law n. 675, Dec. 31, 1996 - the existence of data processing ; he can partially or entirely oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of his data, even if these data are relevant to the objective of data collection. Furthermore he can prevent his data from being used for commercial purposes, market surveys, advertisement for direct selling or interactive commercials.

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